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Market Analysis

Titan Capital Group uses a data-driven approach to select target markets of interest. Our market research stands on the following pillars of analysis:

  1. Population growth within the city & MSA
  2. Job Diversity / Top Employers
  3. Unemployment rate change
  4. Median household income growth
  5. Median home values growth
  6. Crime Rate
  7. Absorption Rate Analytics

Market insights generated guide our team in pursuing only the properties that meet our stringent requirements. 


Market Analysis

Property Selection

Apartment Complex

After selecting a target market, the team analyzes sub-markets to determine which properties would fit our value-add business plan. Our criteria for property selection incorporates the following elements: 

  1. Class B and C Apartment Communities
  2. Deferred Maintenance
  3. Miss-managed properties 
  4. Below market rents
Titan Capital Group seeks to create a win-win scenario by finding creative ways to raise our properties' value and deliver a better quality of housing to our residents. 

Investor Relations

Constant communication with our prospective and active investors is the top priority. Monthly or quarterly reports on the investment property's performance highlighting Key Performance Indicators can be expected.

Our goal is to keep every investor updated on the business plan execution, current market status, and future distribution updates. 

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